Jack-o’-lantern Halloween Project

[embedded content] If you want to scare some kids as they approach your house to get some candy on Halloween have a look at this project by GreatScott. He uses an Arduino which has an ultrasonic sensor connected to it. The sensor detects when someone gets into the... read more

LED Face Makeup

LED Face Makeup Written by: Alan Parekh at 2:14 pm. Filed under Cool Gadgets, DIY Hacks   If you are looking to jazz up your look this Halloween why not add some lighting effects to your face! Adafruit has a great tutorial on how to use their GEMMA... read more

Halloween Moving Skull Project

[embedded content] ISeeAll has been working on a Halloween Moving Skull Project which used an Arduino that is monitoring 5 photo cells so that it can watch shadows of people walking by so that it can look at them. move to predetermined positions based on which sensor... read more

Robotic Prosthetic Hand Project

[embedded content] If you want to make your next robot be able to use hands like a human the Open Hand project would give you a head start in this direction. Building a cheap model of the complex human hand is no small task but if this campaign is successful I think... read more

DIY Animated Halloween Graveyard Creep Prop

[embedded content] Adding some movement to your next Halloween project doesn’t need to be complicated. Have a look at the Graveyard Creep Prop that Eerie Acres Cemetery put together. It is a simple motor that moves a pivoting shaft back and forth as it rotates.... read more

Halloween Zipper Effect

One of the scariest effects for Halloween is the zipper effect, these effects are a bit creepy so you might want to skip them if this is something that freaks you out. This effect is where you can see a zipper partially unzipped so that when the makeup is completed it... read more

Ghost Grabbing Area

Select Department‹ Clothing & Accessories‹ Novelty & Special Use‹ Costumes & AccessoriesWomenMenKids & BabySelect PriceUnder $25$25 to $50$50 to $100$100 to $200$200 & AboveSelect ThemesAnimal Themed CostumesCartoon... read more

Children’s Zombie Costume [creepy indeed]

Available in child sizes “Loved the costume and my son really wanted it so he would look scary for Halloween. ” Shiree’ Conner  |  9 reviewers made a similar statement “This is really cute and the mask was made very well. ” Janaye Lowe  |  2 reviewers made a... read more

Ghost Driver

This is a great Halloween Prank. If you decide to create one of  your own, please share here. x Even if you don’t/didn’t get your prank captured on video, share the experience here in the... read more

Friday The 13th Deluxe Jason Hockey Mask Review

Friday the 13th is a popular horror franchise that now contains 12 movies and a complete a variety of books and also other merchandise.
What makes the Friday The 13th Jason Voorhees Deluxe Eva Hockey Mask so popular is that it is instantly recognized and people who have seen the movies will know exactly who you are trying to be when you wear it.

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Kids love dressing up for Halloween!

Harry Potter is hugely liked by those everywhere in the world.
This robe is an officially-licensed item, that is designed to an extremely high standard however your kids would love it. This is a top quality item that your kids will love and wear, time and time again again.

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